How To: Setup A LanParty

21 May 2016 by Macco, Comments Off on How To: Setup A LanParty


Do you and a few friends like playing games against each other but are sick of the constant Internet lag?? Or don’t you just hate it when one of your friends get a cheap frag and you want to shout across the room at them?? Well then a LAN Party is for you! A LAN is a Local Area Network, which is two or more computers connected together by cables, or if you want fasters speeds connect them at a HUB. Most people prefer the latter. However, LAN Parties don’t have to be just for playing Games against each other, You could just have a full leeching session! So if you want to setup a LAN party and don’t know how then read on.

Where can I set it up??

If you have enough room in your house or have a basement in your house then you can setup your LAN there. But the downpoints in this are after you spend a day or two at your house with all the computers on you will get a shocker of an electricity bill. So another thing to do would be for each of you to chip in a few bucks and rent out your local hall for a night or two. This way you get no huge electric bill and you get a bigger area to work with.

What do I need and how much??

There are a few things you need when setting up a LAN:

Network Card

Well the first thing you need is a Network card. These are pretty cheap, they range from about $28 to $200 AUD. They are pretty easily installed. All you need to do is open your case and plug it into a spare PCI slot.


An 8 port HUB will be more than enough. 8 ports means that 8 computers can plug into it. HUB’s start at 2 ports and go up to about 24 ports, while the 2 port costing about $100 AUD and the best 24 port hub costing about $1000

Network Cables

Network cables basically connects your computers to the HUB or network devices. Their prices are based on how long the cable is . A good 15m cable is about $20

You can buy packages which contain 2 network cards, a HUB and cables for about $144 AUD. By all these things at?

There are other devices used to network computers such as Internet Gateways, Printer servers and network switches but I am not gonna talk about them now since this article is about setting up a basic LAN Party.

Adding the network

Go into the network properties and click “Add”. The select IPX/SPX Compatible Protocol.

Now you will need your Windows CD because you need to copy the files that are needed

TCP/IP Protocol

Go into TCP/IP Properties and choose an IP pool and a subnet mask for the network. An example of the IP Address you can put in is, The last number is different for each of the computers. So for the second computer you could put in and so on. For Subnet Mask put in something like

Anything else??

People have to eat don’t they?? Make sure you have enough food at the party, or if you plan to go out and buy some later, make sure people bring there own money for their food.

HaHa..A perfect example of Food at a LAN Party!


Make sure that the location you choose to hold the LAN Party is easy for everyone to get to and drag there PC’s up to. If it’s just you and your friends having the party then they’ll probably live close anyway.


Before you start hauling all the computers into the area make sure that it is big enough for all the PC’s, Monitors, Keyboards etc to fit in. If not, maybe some people could put their keyboards on their laps. And if your lucky enough to have a?Microsoft Intellimouse?you can use the mouse on your knee.

Power Sockets

Another thing to have a look at is if there is enough power sockets for everything to fit into. Remember that it’s not only one socket per person, everyone has to put a Monitor in aswell as the Case. A surge protector might be a good idea aswell.


Having all those computers in one room is gonna be pretty darn hot so make sure you have a fan or two and don’t keep all the windows and doors closed.


There’s gonna be enough noise with people screaming there heads off at each other and everything so make sure everyone has headphones.

Between Games

You have to have something for people to do between games such as Music or T.V. But if you rented out a hall and didn’t bother to bring your TV or Stereo, I guess you’ll have to think of something else that would interest your fellow?geeks?lanners.


Everyone has their own opinion about which games to play at a LAN Party but here are a list of my favourites

Quake 3 Arena?- When this games came out it was a big success at all LAN Parties and still will be for a long time

Unreal Tournament?- Another excellent game to be played, you can add bots if you don’t have enough people and there are alot of game modes.

Half Life: Counter Strike?- Counter Strike is the most enjoyable game in my opinion because a few of you can be the terrorists and some others can be the counter terrorists. Or you could just have a full on deathmatch.

Grand Theft Auto?- Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2 can be fun to play over a LAN but everyone i’ve asked says it has killer lag, which is the reason why not many people play it at LAN Parties.


Lanning is a very fun past time and can be enjoyed by anyone however, i’m not gonna lie to you. There is ALOT of work involved and you get countless errors before it’s all setup. It’s well worth the wait though ????

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